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Promotion In Motion Creates Snack Revolution with New WELCH’S® PB&J Snacks

Introducing The Greatest Snack Since Sliced Bread!

Experience a snack revolution with the classic great tastes of peanut butter and jelly in easy-to-eat, no-mess treats.

ALLENDALE, N.J., February 3, 2014 – There’s a snack revolution happening with the classic great tastes of peanut butter and jelly…and unlike anything ever experienced to date.

The Promotion In Motion Companies, makers of market leader Welch’s® Fruit Snacks, announces the launch of Welch’s® PB&J Snacks, bringing together the two great tastes of Peanut Butter and Jelly in easy-to-eat, no-mess treats.

The round, bite-sized snacks feature soft and luscious centers Made with Real Fruit, surrounded by mouth watering peanut butter, ending the “crust or no crust?” debate once and for all.

The first and only treat of its kind, Welch’s® PB&J Snacks include 100% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin C, are a good source of Vitamins A & E, and are made with natural flavors and colors.

The snacks are being offered in four delicious varieties, giving consumers the option of Concord Grape or Strawberry centers, surrounded by a choice of either Creamy or Crunchy peanut butter.

“We are thrilled to launch Welch’s® PB&J Snacks, an innovative product that transforms one of the most beloved food combinations into a perfect at-home or on-the-go snack. We’ve come a long way since the peanut butter & jelly sandwich made its debut more than 100 years ago,” said Josh Shapiro, Vice President of Marketing for The Promotion In Motion Companies, Inc. “The creation of Welch’s® PB&J Snacks strengthens our commitment to providing fun and delicious snacks for the entire family to enjoy, while providing yet another delicious and better-for-you treat time alternative for moms, dads, and every member of the family.”

Welch’s® PB&J Snacks will be offered in 8-count boxes with suggested retail pricing of $2.79, with additional package types to be released over the course of the year including club packs, vending packs, single serve bags, fun size and larger peg bag formats.

The product will be available for purchase nationwide from club stores, mass merchandisers, grocery stores, convenience stores, movie theatres and specialty retailers from coast to coast.

Welch’s® PB&J Snacks, like Welch’s® Fruit Snacks and Welch’s® Fruit ‘n Yogurt™ Snacks, are manufactured and marketed by The Promotion In Motion Companies, Inc. under license from Welch Foods, Inc. Welch’s® Fruit Snacks are the nation’s number one fruit snack brand and will further build its share and presence with the innovative new launch of Welch’s® PB&J Snacks.

About The Promotion In Motion Companies The Promotion In Motion Companies, Inc. is one of North America’s premier makers of fruit snacks and other snack food products, and has been named one of the top 100 snack companies globally, one of the fastest growing Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies in the U.S., by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Information Resources, Inc. (IRI), one of NJBIZ’s top family-owned businesses and listed on the 2013 Crain’s New York Business Largest Privately Held Companies list.

Promotion In Motion Inc. produces and markets Welch’s® PB&J Snacks, Welch’s® Fruit Snacks and Welch’s® Fruit ‘n Yogurt™ Snacks under license from Welch Foods, Inc. Additional proprietary and licensed brands of Promotion in Motion, Inc. include SUN-MAID® Milk Chocolate Raisins, My M&M’S® Brand Chocolate Candies, FISHER® Milk Chocolate Peanuts, Toggi® Fine European Wafer Cookie, TUXEDOS® Chocolate Almonds, SOUR JACKS® Sour Candies, NUCLEAR SQWORMS® Sour Neon Gummi Worms, Gummy Factory® Gummi Bears, BAKE SHOPPE™ Cookie Dough Miniatures™, JUICEFULS® Juice Filled Fruit Snacks and more. Its subsidiaries and affiliates include Promotion In Motion Canada, Inc., Grupo de Alimentación Promoción en Moción México, S. de R.L. de C.V., Grupo de Alimentación Promotion In Motion Iberica, S.L., Promotion In Motion UK, Ltd., Farmer’s Choice Food Brands and PIM Brands LLC. For additional information, please visit